What is dry scalp and what is treatment

People with dry skin are more likely than others to get a dry scalp.

Dry scalp

A dry scalp occurs when the scalp does not have enough oil for the skin to feel lubricated.

Like other forms of dry skin, this can cause itching, flaking, and irritation. It can also cause the hair to look dry, since oil from the scalp helps condition the hair.

People with dry skin are more prone to dry scalp

What is dandruff scalp and Netas Natural For Dandruff scalp

The scalp, like the rest of the skin, sheds dead skin cells. Dandruff occurs when this process speeds up. Dandruff flakes are actually dead skin cells.

The faster the scalp sheds dead skin, the worse dandruff becomes. Some factors can alter the rate at which the skin sheds.

Natural hair products by Netas Natural Products

Benefits of Natural Products for scalp and for your hair

Natural Hair products in Nashville

Not only the scalp, but the hair shaft also can benefit from Netas Natural Hair Oils

The glands in the scalp produce an oily substance that forms a natural protective coating on each strand of hair. But hair can become too dry and brittle from frequent use of shampoos that strip the hair of these natural oils. This results in breakages and split ends that reduce the length of the hair.

Restore the protective oil layer by applying Netadboil to your hair right after washing it with a gentle organic shampoo. First, dry the hair with a towel to remove excess moisture. Rub the oil between your palms and run your hand through the entire length of the hair to coat every strand evenly. Leave the hair to air dry naturally, combing occasionally with a wide-toothed comb to separate the strands. This treatment gives hair a nice sheen, besides making it manageable and tangle-free

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Used in hair, Netas Natural Oil straightens and softens strands while nourishing, hydrating, and strengthening them. By stimulating circulation to the hair follicles, it promotes new, healthier growth and prevents hair loss. Netas Natural Oil protects hair against damage caused by environmental stressors and helps purge clogged hair follicles.

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Natural Hair Oils By Netas Natural Products

Made with all natural products

Hair needs to be elastic to prevent against pulling off when you brush or blow- dry. Netas Natural Hair Oils increases the elasticity of the hair, which is why your hair can remain strong.

One of the key benefits of using Netas Natural Hair oil is that it prevents hair loss. There are many reasons why people may lose their hair. This could be because of use of hair products with damaging chemicals. Other people lose hair because of the DTH hormones that are known to decrease the hair follicle shafts..

Netas Natural hair Oils continues considerable amounts of antioxidants, which promotes the health of your scalp.

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Netas Natural Hair Oils is applied and massaged directly to your scalp , it actually conditions your hair, making it smoother, shinier, healthier and stronger with every application

Netas Natural Hair oils will serve as protection to your hair from the absorption of UV lights and it will keep it moist, keeping away from the dry and scaly scalp as well as keeping your hair moist and soft.

How To Use

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Shea Butter for hair and skin by Netas Natural

Shea Butter for skin and hair Netas Natural Products

Netas Natural Shea Butter Benefits

The main benefit of shea butter is that it is an excellent moisturiser. Packed full of natural minerals and vitamins, like Vitamin A, E, and F, shea butter is a skin-friendly deeply moisturising powerhouse. The palmitic, stearic, and linoleic fatty acids in African shea butter have been shown to help improve the skin barrier, making it a natural emollient. Phenolic components in shea butter have also been shown to work as antioxidants.The moisturising magic of African shea butter also makes it the perfect choice for hydrating hair.

If you’re trying to grow your hair, keeping it moisturised is absolutely vital. Harness the deeply hydrating shea butter benefits to help reduce split ends and breakage while delivering fatty acids and vitamins to directly to your hair and scalp. Using shea butter for hair care can help your locks look and feel healthier.

Other African shea butter benefits include a high amount of triterpene acetate and cinnamate esters, which make it a significant source of anti-inflammatory compounds. The hydration benefits of shea butter and its anti-inflammatory properties can also help soothe symptoms of a dry itchy scalp.

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The Benefits using Netas Natural Shea Butter for skin and hair

Shea Butter Soften the skin and hair 

Block out harmful UV radiation 


Prevent hair from getting tangled

Nourishment of scalp and skin

It has vitamins and essential minerals 

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Nature hair products for hair treatment oils

Natural Hair Products in Nashville by Netas Natural Products scalp treatmen oils. Martha Lupai Creator of Netas Natural explains what are scalp treatment oils and how to use the oils.

Nature hair products treatment hair oils

Nature hair products Netas Natural Hair Oils are made with all natural ingredients this how you use Netas Oils. Netas Natural Hair Oils is light has vitamins and fatty acids will soften your hair. 

Netas Natural Hair Products for dry and damage hair Repair

Shea Butter for Hair how to use it and what it does

Netas Natural Hair and Body Product. Our Shea Butter for Hair how to use it and what is the benefits of using our product. Our Netas Natural Shea Butter for Hair will moistur, condition, soften and manage your hair in Nashville TN

Martha Lupai Creator of Neta's Natural

All Natural Hair and body care products Netas Natural is made in Nashville TN. 

Neta's Natural Hair Oils

Check out this great video, our creator Martha Lupai explaining about our Netas Natural hair oils. Netas Natural oils are made with 100% natural ingredients.

Netas Natural Hair and Body Shea Butter

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